Institute of Food Economics and Consumption Studies

Dr. Awal Abdul-Rahaman

Doctoral Researcher

  • Agricultural productivity and food security, Value Chains for Agribusiness Development, Agribusiness operations management, youth in Entrepreneurship and Econometric modeling.

Information about Dr. Abdul-Rahaman, Awal

Curriculum Vitae

Year Education
23.01.2019 successful defence of the doctoral thesis
09/2015 - 01/2019 PhD candidate at the Department of Food Economics and Consumption Studies, University of Kiel, Germany
Since April 2012 Lecturer at the Department of Agribusiness Management and Finance, University of Development Studies, Nyankpala Campus, Tamale, Ghana
2007-2009 M.Phil in Agribusiness, University of Ghana, Legon
2002-2006 B.Sc. in Agriculture (Agribusiness), University of Ghana, Legon


PhD Thesis title:

Coordination and Impact of Value Chain Approach, evidence from smallholder farmers in Northern Ghana



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Abdul-Rahaman, A (2016). Stochastic frontier analysis of technical efficiency, insights from smallholder cotton farmers in the Northern Region of Ghana. Global Journal of Agricultural Economics, Extension and Rural Development. 4(1): 361-367.

Abdul-Rahaman, A (2016). Analysis of Financial Efficiency and Constraints of Smallholder Cotton Farmers in the Northern Region of Ghana. British Journal of Economics, Management and Trade. 12(4): 1-11.

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Abdul-Rahaman, A and Abdallah H (2016). Empirical investigation of technical efficiency of smallholder women farmers in Northern Ghana: Stochastic Frontier Approach. British Journal of Economics, Management and Trade. 13(1): 1-16.

Abdul-Rahaman, A. (2013) “Impact of Savannah Farmers Marketing Company (SFMC) on Smallholder farmers in the Upper East, Upper West and Northern Regions of Ghana, Research Report submitted to Savannah Farmers Marketing Company (SFMC).

Abdul-Rahaman, A. (2013) “Impact Assessment of Post Harvest Equipment Management in the Northern Region of Ghana. Report submitted to IFDC under Farmer to Markets Project.