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Further Contacts and Support

International Center

The International Center will be your most important contact point before and during your stay.

On the Website you can find a lot of information about the city of Kiel, the university, accommodation, language preparation, etc., so you can get a first impression of living in Kiel. On top it might be helpful and supportive for you in your preparations and during your stay.

The International Center offers great opportunities to get in touch with other international students and make the most out of your time in Kiel, directly from the beginning of your stay. So have a look at their program like orientation days, seminars, trips and cultural events, too, as this might be interesting for you.

International Center
Westring 400
24118 Kiel
Tel.: +49 (0)431 880-3715
Fax: +49 (0)431 880-1666


If you have any financial or bureaucratic problems you can contact the counsellor for all international students:

Jan Bensien
International Center
Westring 400, R.02.17
24118 Kiel

Tel: +49 (0)431 880-3716
Opening Hours

Deutsches Studentenwerk

„Studentenwerke“ are offices of general Student Services. They offer lots of useful general information about studying in Germany, too. You can have a look at their website here

The regional „Studentenwerk Schleswig-Holstein (SH)“ prepared a comprehensive brochure for international students studying in Kiel. Here you can find an overview about academic and public institutions, hints about how to find an accomodation, some guidance for starting your stay in Germany and remarks about everyday life.

Study Buddy Pogram

The “Studentenwerk Schleswig-Holstein” also offers an exchange student participation of the “Study Buddy Program".
The “Study Buddy Program" aims to encourage contact between international students and students in Kiel. Every international applicant of the Study Buddy Program will be given the opportunity of a 1to1 exchange with a German “Buddy”. Since it is a free and voluntary program, the form and frequency of the exchange depends greatly on the individual “Buddies.”
The exchange with a German student can help making the start of studying in Kiel a lot easier, since your buddy can provide you expert knowledge as well as concrete support while finding your way through the German bureaucratic system. 

For further information and application please visit the website of the Studentenwerk SH.

On request even an arrival-service is offered. Just check what they offer and get in touch!