Institut für Ernährungswirtschaft und Verbrauchslehre

Erasmus Incomings

Information for Exchange Students (Incomings)

This web page contains information for exchange students who are planning to study at our Faculty and for those who are already in Kiel. Please read the available information carefully and if you still have questions do not hesitate to contact us!

We hope you will have an interesting and pleasant stay in Kiel!

General Information

Exchange students who are planning to study at Kiel University are encouraged to browse the Information for International Students and Doctoral Students site containing information about the city of Kiel, its university, accommodation, language preparation, etc.

Specific information and ERASMUS application forms can be downloaded here.

Lots of useful general information about studying in Germany offers the Deutsches Studentenwerk.


„Studentenwerk“ are offices of general Student Services.

The regional „Studentenwerk Schleswig-Holstein“ prepared a comprehensive brochure for international students studying in Kiel. Please go to and click on “International” > “BaSIS”.

The “Studentenwerk Schleswig-Holstein” also offers an exchange student participation of the “Study Buddy Program". The “Study Buddy Program" aims to encourage contact between international students and students in Kiel. Every international applicant of the Study Buddy Program will be given the opportunity of a 1to1 exchange with a German “Buddy”. Since it is a free and voluntary program, the form and frequency of the exchange depends greatly on the individual “Buddies.”
The exchange with a German student can help making the start of studying in Kiel a lot easier, since your buddy can provide you expert knowledge as well as concrete support while finding your way through the German bureaucratic system. On request even an arrival-service is offered. For further information and application please visit  “International”.

Information about our scenic region Schleswig-Holstein can be found here.

Contact Information

Your most important contact point is going to be the International Center:

International Center
Westring 400
24118 Kiel
Tel.: +49(0)431-880-3715
Fax: +49(0)431-880-1666


The counselor for all international students is:

Jan Bensien
Tel: +49-431/880-3716


Departmental Coordinator of the Institute of Food Economics and Consumption Studies:


Caroline Dubbert
Johanna-Mestorf-Str. 5, Room 114a
24118 Kiel, Germany

Consultation hour: every wednesday between 3 and 4 pm
Tel.: +49 (0)431 880-5037
Fax: +49 (0)431 880-7308



Most of the courses are lectured in German. Language courses are recommended. For further information please visit the International Center.


All courses of the Faculty of Agriculture and Nutritional Sciences can be found here
You can choose between compulsory modules of our 2 courses of studies: Agricultural Sciences and Nutritional Sciences and Household Economics. 
Any of the “Optional Modules” (Wahlmodule) can be taken as well.
Most of the modules have 6 ECTS-Credits. Additionally the "Individuelles fachrichtungsbezogenes Intensivtutorium" (8 ECTS-Credits) is offered for students, who have to meet certain ECTS-requirements. Please contact the Departmental Coordinator for further information.

The city of Kiel and it's University

Kiel is a special city: Its charm is enhanced by its long tradition as a port and nautical centre. At quays located directly behind the central railway station, the ferries of the Scandinavian lines dock alongside chooners and cruising ships. The city's annual »Kieler Woche« is the world's largest sailing festival. The sea is simply part of life in Kiel. Kiel is Sailing City! Over the centuries, the University has forged close links with the city. Just as the body of students attending CAU (Christian-Albrechts-University) has increased to over 20,000, so the range of subjects offered has long been extended to include economics, the natural sciences, agriculture, engineering, and education sciences. In the former workplace of Max Planck and Heinrich Hertz, the teaching staff of 600 passes on its knowledge to students from Germany and more than a hundred other countries. Kiel is well aware of its special role as the only university in Schleswig-Holstein offering a spectrum of subjects sufficiently wide enough to serve the requirements of school-graduates in the region seeking a university education within their own federal state. At the same time, its clear academic profile and areas of specialization reflect a determination to accept the challenge of national and international competition among universities. Some 2,000 foreign students are currently enrolled at CAU. In view of the constantly increasing importance of international academic collaboration and the geographical location  of the university it is strengthening its already close links with the neighbouring countries of Scandinavia and the Baltic region. CAU has also established far-ranging academic relationships on the basis of  partnership agreements with 59 universities in Europe, the Americas and Asia. These official channels are complemented by the personal links between members of CAU staff and their fellow scholars around  the world, which bring about guest lecturers, new research projects, and a lively exchange of information and students.”

Academic Calendar

The academic year consists of 2 terms. The winter term (Wintersemester or WS) usually starts in October and ends in March.
The summer term (Sommersemester or SS) starts in April and ends in July. For detailed dates please visit the International Center.
There are no classes on national holidays.


Please feel free to contact the Departmental Coordinator:


Every student has an academic supervisor ("Departmental Coordinator").
Dr. Lukas Kornher, Johanna-Mestorf-Str. 5, Room 108, 24118 Kiel, Germany is the Departmental Coordinator of the Institute of Food Economics and Consumption Studies.
Only personal contact with the Coordinator during the consulting hours possible (every Friday: 09 - 10 h, in urgent cases: Tel: +49-431-880-4404)