Institut für Ernährungswirtschaft und Verbrauchslehre

Ehemalige Teammitglieder

Röhlig, Anna, MSc.
Impact of Women's non-farm work on maternal and child nutritional and health status
Osun, Taiwo, Dr.
Determinants of sustainable income and food security
Heller, Anna, MSc.
Nutritional Status in Developing Countries
Bechtold, Kai-Brit, Dr.
Consumer Behaviour Concerning Functional Foods
Illichmann, Rebecca, Dr.
Consumer Willingness to Pay for Organic Food
Kousar, Rakhshanda, Dr.
Role of gender in income diversification in Pakistan
Kleemann, Linda, Dr.
Impact of Certification on Smallholders' Livelihoods
Kuhlgatz, Dr. Christian
Food Aid, Food Security, Agricultural Productivity
Ali, Dr. Akhter
Opportunities and constraints in cotton production and marketing
Lüth, Daniela
Social Capital, Property Rights and Soil Improvement
Mofya-Mukuka, Dr. Rhoda
Commodity Value Chains
Omar Mahmoud, Dr. Toman
Aids in rural Sub-Saharan Africa
El Jarbi, Dr. Christiane
Rural Poverty in Ghana
Faltermeier, Dr. Liane
Economic Impacts of New Technologies
Kassie, Dr. Girma Tesfahun
Economic Valuation of Cattle Traits
Becerril Garcia, Dr. Javier
Adoption of Maize Technologies
Tietje, Dr. Hendrik
Schmitz, Dr. Silke
Ouma, Dr. Emily Awuor
Producer Preferences for Cattle Traits
Birachi, Dr. Eliud Abucheli
Milk Supply Chains in Kenya


Name Employment dates Contact/ Research area
Röhlig, Anna, MSc. 2014-2015 Doctoral candidate at ZEU Uni Giessen
Dr. Oliver Plum 2008-2011 Project Manager/Internal Consultant, Corporate Development at Brenntag AG

PhD thesis: Developing biotech products, making cars, creating video games: Disentangling knowledge bases in three German regions Link
Mareike Seebeck 2011-2012  
Dr. Ma Mulan 2009-2013 Lecturer at School of Tourism and Event Management at Shanghai University of International Business and Economics

PhD thesis: Tourism Area Development from an Evolutionary Economic Geography Perspective - The Case of Guilin, China Link
Dr. Carsten Kortum 2010-2013 Professor of Business Administration at DHBW Heilbronn

PhD thesis: Corporate Social Responsibility and its Impact in Industrial Clusters: The Case of the Quanzhou Shoe Cluster in Fujian Province, China Link
Dr. Pedro Marques 2011-2014 Research Associate at Cardiff School of Planning and Geography
Su-Hyun Berg 2012-2014 PhD student at the Dept. of Social and Economic Geography, Uppsala University
Matthias Düsing 2014-2015 Research Analyst at CBRE GmbH
Dr. Xiaohui Hu 2011-2015 Research Associate at School of Urban and Regional Science, East China Normal University

PhD thesis: Exploring Differentiated Economic Adaptation and Adaptability of Old Industrial Areas in Transitional China. Link