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Interactive effects of government regulation and farmers' production behavior on agro-products safety in China

In recent years, the issue of agro-products safety in China has become the focus of public attention due to the continual recurrence of agro-products safety scandals. Meanwhile, with an increasing demand for safe agro-products and rising pressure on the export trade barriers, China’s agro-products face significant challenges in responding to the rapidly changing global agri-business environment in order to satisfy the domestic and foreign market demand due to failing to meet rigorous agro-products safety standards.

Numerous studies have documented the issue of agro-products safety from aspects of farmers’ production behavior and government regulation. However, most of them are studied separately rather than as a whole. Some have examined empirically that farmers’ production behaviors have direct influence on agro-products safety due to the abuse or wrong use of agricultural inputs such as pesticides, chemical fertilizers and herbicides, and then put forward corresponding proposals which can promote safe agro-products production. On the other hand, studies examining the impacts of government regulation implementation on agro-products safety have focused on the maximizing public benefits and efficiency of its function. However, there are scarce domestic literatures considering the issue of agro-products from the aspect of government regulation and farmers’ production behavior as a whole.

Although many specific solutions to the issue of agro-products safety have been brought forward, agro-products safety will not be completely controlled if essence to the issue of agro-product safety is not accurately grasped. Strengthening agro-products from production and processing to consumption can effectively control agro-products safety, but it needs government regulation. Therefore, from a new perspective, this research will examine the interactive effects of government regulation and farmers’ production behavior on agro-product safety in China.