Institut für Ernährungswirtschaft und Verbrauchslehre

Economic Valuation of the Preferred Traits of Indigenous Cattle in Ethiopia

The massive efforts over the last five decades to introduce exotic cattle genotypes, merely for improving the commercially important milk and meat outputs, show that conservation of the indigenous animal genetic resources has not been a priority in Ethiopia. Cattle are, however, kept for a multiple of functions in rural Ethiopia. Cattle keepers and buyers consider different phenotypic characteristics, related to the functions they want to obtain, in identifying the animals they keep and/or buy. These considerations reflect the preferences of these keepers and buyers who essentially determine the structure of the cattle population. Improvement and genetic conservation of the cattle population should, therefore, start from identifying, prioritizing and economic valuation of the preferred traits of the animals.  

This research is designed to contribute in identifying the preferences of cattle producers and consumers, estimating the relative economic values of the preferred traits of cattle, identifying market opportunities, identifying policy options, and in developing a framework for community based management of indigenous cattle genetic resources. The research focuses on central Ethiopia and on mixed crop livestock semi-subsistence production systems.


Start: 01.04.2007
Advisor: Prof. Dr. Awudu Abdulai
Co-Advisor: Prof. Dr. Clemens Wollny
Researcher: Girma Tesfahun Kassie, M.Sc.